Traveller removal

The National Eviction Team can act on your behalf to remove travellers from open land, commercial sites and illegal encampments.

We have a great deal of experience of removing travellers from unauthorised sites, including Dale Farm, which was a very large and complex undertaking.


We offer a free initial consultation for traveller removal, which includes a site visit and report on what is required to complete the eviction.

We will then develop a detailed and bespoke plan for the eviction and risk assessment, covering all aspects, including health and safety planning for your staff, our enforcement agents, the travellers and members of the public.

Short deadlines

Because of the high level of resources we have, we can work to short deadlines where needed. There are instances where we have undertaken the eviction within 48 hours of instruction.

If the eviction is to be conducted under a writ of possession, we will arrange for the order to be transferred up to the High Court free of charge. We also remove persons from land under Common Law (Halsbury's) if the circumstances are suitable.

Dealing with lock-ons and protests at height and below ground

Whilst many traveller removals are relatively straightforward, there can be instances, such as at Dale Farm, when demonstrators join the travellers to support them. Under these circumstances, we may well need to deploy our expert teams to deal with lock-ons, protesters at height and tunnellers.

We have all the necessary specialist insurance cover in place to cover us and our client.

Clear up and security

We often find that detritus, vehicles and sometimes animals are left behind. We can undertake, on your behalf, the clean-up, animal removal and provide post-eviction security to prevent re-entry.


Download our free eBook guide to the eviction of demonstrators and protesters