CPO eviction

We support local authorities, government bodies and solicitors with the enforcement of compulsory purchase orders (CPOs), where occupiers may be well prepared to resist removal, given the lengthy time frame between the decision that requires clearing of the land and the awarding of the CPO.

The authority of the CPO

In terms of enforcement of the order, the CPO itself provides the authority for us to enforce, without the need for a High Court writ of possession.

We are brought in when occupiers refuse to leave or where there are demonstrators. Demonstrators will often join occupiers to hamper the enforcement of the CPO. This might give rise to actions to delay removal, such as:

  • Protests at height
  • Potests underground
  • Lock-ons and barricades

These actions by the protesters will often put them in danger and will require careful health and safety planning by the enforcement agents to ensure the protesters' safety during enforcement, as well as that of the agents themselves.

Working with the police and community

We will coordinate with the Police on planning the removal, as well as the execution of the compulsory purchase order.

On one CPO enforcement, we also worked with the head teacher of a nearby primary school and members of the public who were trying to access the site to walk their dogs, to ensure everyone’s safety.

Approved MoD supplier

The National Eviction Team works on numerous infrastructure projects where CPOs are in place (you can see some of the clients we have worked with) and is an approved supplier to the Ministry of Defence.


Post-eviction security is normally an essential component of the enforcement of a CPO, a service which the National Eviction Team provides, using our SIA licensed agents, to prevent re-incursion onto the site, or sites, thus enabling the planned development to proceed.

To find out more

We offer a free initial consultation, which includes a site visit and report. Contact us via our enquiry form or call us on 01792 466 771 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


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