Post eviction security

Risk of re-occupation – the need for security

If a site is not properly protected after an eviction, there is a very high risk of re-occupation, particularly in environmental protests where emotions are running high.

Post eviction security planning and implementation

To prevent this, we will advise our clients on what actions should be undertaken to prevent re-occupation, depending on the level of risk. We will prepare plans in advance, so that these can be agreed and ready to be put in place as soon as the eviction is complete.

The enforcement agent will remain on site until all occupiers are removed and prevented from returning.

We can provide manpower – for example, security guards with dogs – to guard the perimeter whilst more permanent security measures are being put in place.

We also provide the following security measures:

  • Security screens and doors
  • Fencing
  • Concrete barriers
  • CCTV systems and monitoring
  • Alarm systems and monitoring

To find out more

We will always discuss security measures with you at the planning stage, but please do call us on 01792 466771 or contact us via this website with any security queries.


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