The Sheriffs Office

The Sheriffs Office is one of the largest and most successful firms of Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) in the country, covering the entirety of England and Wales.

Formed in 2007, the company was acquired by High Court Enforcement Group in January 2016.

Their Director of Corporate Governance, David Asker, works closely with the National Eviction Team and has done so for several years. He brings a wealth of expertise to the enforcement of writs of possession to remove demonstrators, protesters and travellers.

The Sheriffs Office understands the importance of fast, effective and ethical enforcement and pride themselves on providing an outstanding service with excellent results.

The Sheriffs Office enforces:

  • Judgments and orders issued in the County and High Court
  • Employment tribunal awards and ACAS settlements
  • European judgments against debtors in England and Wales
  • Possession orders for residential and commercial property
  • Possession orders to remove squatters and trespassers ("persons unknown")

They also recover commercial rent arrears under CRAR and repossess commercial property under forfeiture of lease.

You may know the company name well, as The Sheriffs Office is the company featured in the BBC One award winning show “The Sheriffs Are Coming”.


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