About us

The National Eviction Team (formerly known as UK Evict) are protester, squatter and traveller removal experts.

The National Eviction Team was formed in 1995 and is part of High Court Enforcement Group.

Strong track record

The National Eviction Team has dealt with, and continues to deal with more evictions of trespassers, unwanted environmental protesters and squatters than anyone else in the country. We have a very large workforce, enabling us to manage even the largest of environmental protests.

We consistently meet and exceed our deadlines to provide our clients with the safe and effective removal of trespassers and protesters and to ensure the security of the site afterwards to prevent recurrence.

Specialist teams

Our people are fully trained and have specialist equipment, meaning that we go into any situation to get the job done. With our years of experience, we have encountered just about every possible scenario and are highly skilled at making problems go away.

Reputation management

We are discreet, working to ensure that the eviction is undertaken with due care and consideration, avoiding conflict and reducing tension wherever possible, for those present and for your reputation management. We have a 100% safety record.


Control is an essential part of the way we work – on site, with an impartial, measured and disciplined approach, and in our operational planning and risk management preparation.

We are the definitive provider of eviction services, large or small.

High Court Enforcement Group

The National Eviction Team is part of High Court Enforcement Group, the largest firm of Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO) with 16 authorised HCEOs, in-house solicitors, specialist protester removal insurance, advice and ongoing support, all in addition to our highly skilled and trained people and track record.

High Court Enforcement Group also owns The Sheriffs Office (also a High Court enforcement firm) and Excel Civil Enforcement.