Demonstrator eviction

The National Eviction Team is probably the most experienced company for evicting protesters and demonstrators in the UK. Our primary concern is to remove the demonstrators, protesters or travellers, whilst ensuring that the protester eviction is carried out in a calm and professional manner which will protect your organisation's reputation.


We have worked on all the big protester evictions over the last few decades including national infrastructure projects, bypass protests and fracking sites, as well as traveller sites such as Dale Farm.

We operate nationwide and can deploy very quickly. We also provide post-eviction security services, to prevent re-entry by the protestors.

Our team

We have highly trained enforcement agents, supported by specialist teams and equipment, to safely clear the protestors from the site, following our thorough preparations and planning to deal with:

  • Barricades, missiles and booby traps
  • Lock-ons used by protesters to make removal more difficult
  • Tunneling, sometimes at significant depth
  • Protestors at height, in trees, on buildings or on makeshift structures

When dealing with any of these situations, we are able to draw on our wealth of expertise and experience, not only of the authorised High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs, formerly known as sheriffs officers), but also our employed and trained enforcement agents.

High Court writ of possession

With demonstrations, we normally act under a High Court writ of possession and will arrange the transfer up to the High Court free of charge. The writ gives more protection than acting under Common Law (Halsbury's), as it carries the weight of the case having been heard at court and ruled on by a judge.

The writ also requires that police provide support to the enforcement agents executing the writ where needed, whereas the police role under Common Law is to prevent a breach of the peace.

However, we can also evict under Common Law if the circumstances indicate that that is the most appropriate route for a specific case.

To find out more

We offer a free initial consultation, which includes a site visit and report. Call us on 03330 031919 or contact us via our enquiry form to discuss your requirements in more detail.


See examples of our work in our cases studies area.



Download our free eBook guide to the eviction of demonstrators and protesters



Download our free eBook guide to the eviction of demonstrators and protesters