Eviction services

The National Eviction Team are protestor eviction and traveller removal experts. Our people are fully trained and have specialist equipment, meaning that we go into any situation to get the job done. With our years of experience, we have encountered just about every possible scenario and are highly skilled at making problems go away.

We are discreet, working to ensure that the protestor eviction or common law eviction is undertaken with due care and consideration, avoiding conflict and reducing tension wherever possible, for those present and for your reputation management. We have a 100% safety record.

Control is an essential part of the way we work - on site, with an impartial, measured and disciplined approach, and in our operational planning and risk management preparation.

We are the definitive provider of protester eviction services, large or small.

The National Eviction Team is part of High Court Enforcement Group, the largest firm of Authorised High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEO, formally known as sheriffs) officers with 16 authorised HCEOs, in-house solicitors, specialist protestor eviction insurance, advice and ongoing support, all in addition to our highly skilled and trained people and track record.

Each eviction will be different, depending on many factors, including the nature of the protest, the physical site, the degree of determination to resist and, very importantly, the speed with which you need the protester eviction completed.

Flexible timescales

We are very flexible with timings, and can work to short deadlines where needed. There are instances where we have undertaken the eviction within 48 hours of instruction.

If it is likely that police support is required, we will arrange that on your behalf, agreeing with the police the number of officers who can be deployed, the timescales, the arrest policy and the primacy policy.

Specialist services

We have a great number of specialist teams and equipment, for example:

  • Tunnelling
  • Climbing
  • Lock-on removal
  • Ground enforcement
  • Evidence gathering
  • Roving patrols
  • Site security

Bespoke planning

We will develop a detailed and bespoke plan for the eviction and risk assessment, covering all aspects of the eviction, including health and safety planning for your staff, our enforcement agents, the protestors and members of the public.

We will undertake the eviction effectively, safely and professionally. You can see examples of some of the high profile and sensitive evictions we have previously undertaken.

The National Eviction Team in action


See examples of our work in our cases studies area.



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