Specialist teams

Where there is a protest, there will often be situations where specialist teams and equipment are required to undertake that part of the removal. Our teams are highly skilled and qualified and their areas of expertise cover:

Ground enforcement team

The ground enforcement team comprises highly trained enforcement agents, who hold certificates issued by a District Judge and security personnel who hold licences from the Security Industry Authority. Many of our team hold both EA Certificates and SIA licences.

Lock on removal team

Our dedicated lock-on removal team has a wealth of experience - and equipment - in dealing with protestors who are locked on (to delay removal from site). Lock-ons may feature the use of snares, barbed wire, concrete backfilling and other materials such as aerosols, all of which make safe removal a job for the experts of the National Eviction Team.

Evidence gathering team

The evidence gathering team, clearly wearing EGT tabards, captures the action on site on video for evidential purposes (GDPR compliant). The videos are made available in the case of arrest and prosecution.

Climbing team

These accredited IRATA 3 climbing technicians are highly skilled and experienced, while safely removing protestors from height, whether buildings, trees, cargo nets, platforms, rope walkways, tripods or rooftops.

Tunnelling team

All the team members have completed a confined space course to Water UK level NC1/NC2, which covers the Confined Space Regulations 1997, ventilation and communications in confined space, atmospheric monitoring, biohazards, decontamination and managing protestors in confined spaces. We offer a 24-hour operation to speed up the eviction.

Site security team

We can provide ongoing security to protect the site. This may be the enforcement agent, staying on site until all occupiers are removed and prevented from returning to the site, or our SIA licensed (to at least level 2) security team. We can also provide additional security including: screens, doors, fencing, concrete barriers, CCTV and alarm systems and monitoring.

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Download our free eBook guide to the eviction of demonstrators and protesters



Download our free eBook guide to the eviction of demonstrators and protesters