HCE Group

High Court Enforcement Group, which owns the National Eviction Team, is the largest independent High Court enforcement company in the country, with more authorised and experienced officers than anyone else.

We are independent and privately owned, which allows us to build and manage our business in a way that puts our clients first.

In all we do, we are committed to meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Clients trust us to deliver and service is paramount. We are committed to meeting and exceeding their expectations. Transparency and ethical behaviour are also at the heart of our business, for our clients, claimants and defendants.

We cover all aspects of judgment enforcement, including writs of control for national and international claimants, employment tribunal and ACAS awards and process serving.

We also provide a comprehensive suite of services for commercial and residential solicitors and landlords, including tenant possessions, traveller removal, rent arrears recovery (CRAR) and demonstrator/squatter evictions.

We achieve this by recruiting excellent people and investing in their development. All our enforcement agents are employees, recruited to work in their local area, allowing us to ensure local knowledge, transparency and ethical behaviour.

We provide training for our enforcement agents and clients that is endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), enabling us to deliver firm but fair enforcement, and approved by Skills for Justice

Our highly skilled enforcement agents are recognised for their impressive local knowledge and their steadfast commitment to upholding the values of responsibility and accountability with and a time-honoured dedication to exemplary professionalism.

At High Court Enforcement Group, we are committed to educating as well as enforcing. We believe that an informed decision is a correct decision and that our clients should understand the processes associated with enforcement.


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